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Friday, June 4, 2010

Parshas Shelach

 Parshas Shelach - the 12 meraglim spies came back from Israel bearing the fruit of the land. One spy carried a pomegranate, one a fig and 8 men carried one bunch of grapes on 4 poles

All the parts of the cake
Covering a lollipop stick for support
Head & Body

Adding arms using water to glue them on

adding hands, feet, nose and ears
making eyes
Adding hair and beard
Adding facial expression using piping tip
Final Guy

Every spy is different


Anonymous said...

I did not know the meraglim also played the seven dwarfs : )

just kidding - great job as always

Tanya Garber said...

Fantastic. Hope to do one for the children's service for our Shul. Think I will be using Fisher Price Little People as the meraglim rather than making them from scratch. So creative. Thank you. :-)

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