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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Other parsha ideas

If you are coming here, you are either, based on my google stats, looking for a way to make goat cupcakes or want to make your Shabbos table fun. In either case, you have come to the right place.

There are a ton of resources out there with ideas from people who share the passion that the Shabbos meal should be marked by fun and camaraderie. Kids should feel like they can partner with their parents to create the Torah learning and Torah discussions at the table.

So stolen from a list of resources to help make the Shabbos table F-U-N.*

Parsha projects: crafts and snacks
Challah crumbs: A little bit of everything
Adventures in Mama-Land: Parsha worksheets and ideas
Jewish Homeschool: worksheets, parsha crafts
Double portion: some other recipes and insights
Themed thinking: Geared to families and even adults, here is another recipe blog on the parsha
Parsha activities: exactly what it sounds like

If you have any other suggestions, please  add them to the comments!

And if I have any more brilliant ideas, I will post them here if you promise to post yours!


* if this feels unconventional and non traditional to you, feel free to stick with the standard Shabbos meal format of "Sit still. Wait for kiddush. Stop grabbing. Hands off the challahs. If I told your brother that means you too. Stop playing with the silverware. ..We'll get to dessert soon. Can you please help your father sing shalom aleichem. Now stand up so I can ask you your parsha sheet questions. Shmulkie, do you have a dvar Torah to read. Go ahead. Pay attention to your brother reading please. Sit still. Candy for whoever stays quiet during parsha. You are all excused. Can you believe the Rabbi said that? Come back to the table Bentching time! Off to bed. Good Shabbos!"


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been enjoying your blog for some time. It has inspired me to make my own parsha projects (which you can see on my blog pragmatic attic). I also use the links you list above, but I have a couple more suggestions: (she reposts to challahcrumbs, but her original posts are worth looking at)

Best of Challah (this isn’t really a blog, but a picasa album filled with one baker’s (Michael DiPlacido’s) parsha challot.

Amital at OrganizedJewishHome said...

I'm glad the list has helped you. I'm always looking for new ideas, so I keep looking and posting them.

And I love your cakes!

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