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Friday, March 26, 2010

Parshas Tzav - Kosher L'Pesach to boot


Terumas Hadeshen - Before the start of the daily service in the mishkan, one shovelful of ashes from the previous day's Korbanos was lifted from a mound of ashes and deposited next to the Mizbayach ramp. This was called the Terumas Hadeshen. ("The Kohen shall don his fitted linen Tunic, and he shall don linen Pants on his flesh, he shall raise the ashes which the fire will consume of the Olah-offering on the Altar, and place it next to the Altar." [Vayikra 1:3])


What is the symbolism of this Avodah? What is the symbolism of the fact that every single morning, the first thing the Kohen did was gathering the ashes from the previous day's offerings and placing them next to the altar for today's offerings?

Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch says something here that is strikingly beautiful. I quote (from the English translation of Hirsch's original German commentary): "The Jewish today has to take its mission from the hand of its yesterday." This means, we have to bind today's Avodah [Divine Service] with yesterday's Avodah. This is because yesterday's Avodah and today's Avodah are the same Avodah. In Judaism, there is no such thing as "Oh that was yesterday's challenge. Today is something different."

No. Today is the same Avodah as yesterday. As Rav Hirsch explains "The very last Jewish grandchild stands there before G-d with the same mission of life that his first ancestor bore."


1. Cake is Brownie Pesach Recipe
2. Formed ashes into a mound
3. Mixed Crushed Brownie with Confectioner's Sugar and sprinkled it all over the top.
4. Stuck in a kosher l'pesach plastic shovel

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