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Friday, March 12, 2010

Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei

 לא תבערו אש בכל מושבותיכם - You shall not kindle a fire in all of your dwelling places.
On Shabbos - one may not light a fire or do any of the other 39 categories of work used to build the mishkan. 


The cake is made from Duncan Hines cake. I  split the batter into 2 8-inch tins
  1. I used chocolate frosting between the cakes and on the side.
  2. The top was covered with white frosting
  3. The Fire is made out of red, yellow and blue fruit roll up cut and layered to look like a flame.
  4. The no fire sign is made out of pull and peel twizzlers
  5. The cup is white frosting mixed with 3 drops black food coloring,
  6. The grape juice is made from crushed up Paskes purple lollipops.
  7. The match is a pretzel stick topped with red fruit rollup


Anonymous said...

thank you for sending us the picture.good shabbos. love, Chaim

Anonymous said...

very very cool!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Shira, How did you make the hand?

thehochheimers said...

I made the hand using fondant made by Wilton's already colored

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