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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Parshas Mishpatim

This Parsha has in it לא תבשל גדי בחלב אמו. Do not cook a goat in the milk of its mother. From this pasuk we learn the prohibition of eating, cooking or benefiting from meat and milk cooked together.


I made one Chocolate cake mix and one brownie mix. I split the chocolate cake batter into an oven safe bowl, and 2 8" round tins. I split the brownies into 2 8" round tins.

I mixed 2 TBSP of chocolate frosting, a few drops of yellow and a lot of white to make the bun.  I mixed some of the bun color with red to make the tomato.

To make the lettuce and cheese I used fondant. I mixed yellow food coloring with a drop of orange to get the right shade for the cheese. For the lettuce, I colored the fondant neon green. When I had mixed it in evenly I added some regular green to make the streaks. I rolled out the fondant.

To assemble:
1. Crumb coated the cakes. This means to first chill the cake and then put on a layer of frosting to seal in the crumbs. Put back in the freezer.

2. Started assembling from the bottom up.
3. I cut the fondant after it was put on the cake
4. I rolled out a thin layer of red fondant to wrap around the tomato layer.
5. I used the edge of a cake smoother/decorator to put in the sesame seed indentations on top.

"It tastes as good as it looks"

I wouldn't use the brownie layer again since it made it very hard to serve.

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