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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shalach Manos - for kids

The kids were bored Shabbos afternoon so they each got to plan what they wanted to make their shalach manos bags look like.

S. wanted his to be an alien like last year. Today he designed the alien and cut out the shapes. A great first grader, he practiced his writing by copying the text I had spelled correctly for him

Y. , who is in Nursery School, decided he wanted to show Mordechai HaTzaddik protecting Esther & Achashverosh behind a shield and Haman attacking them with a sword. He suggested we use the puppets he made in Nursery. Baruch Hashem for that idea because I had no clue how we were going to pull his idea off. We photocopied the puppets with the shield and sword, reduced the size and got this inspired artwork to tape to his shalach manos bags.

CS is 2 so he just sort of scribbled on his bag. I drew a funny clown for him.

Today each kid cut and taped their pictures to brown paper bags and filled the bags with assorted nosh.

Kept them busy for a good few hours.

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