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Friday, February 26, 2010

Parshas Tetzave

This Parsha has the clothing of the Kohen Gadol. One of his most famous garments is the choshen and urim v'tumim which my children and I depicted in this weeks Parsha Cake 

The Choshen was set on a fabric that was 1/2 an amah by 1/2 an amah (about 9 square inches) 
The fabric  was woven with a mix of red, purple, gold, and white and gold thread. Designs were woven into the fabric instead of being embroidered on top.

The stones were set in gold and mounted in four rows of three. 
Row 1: Reuven, Red, Shimon – deep Green, Levi - Red, White, and Black Striped
Row 2: Yehudah - Bluish-Green, Yissachar - Blue, Zevulun - ClearRow 3: Dan - Blue, Naftali - Purple, Gad - GreyRow 4:  Asher - Blue-Green, Yoseph - Black, Benyamin - A Stone Possessing All the Colors

The order  of the stones is a subject of dispute.


I made one yellow cake mix and divided into 5 bags and dyed blue, purple, red, yellow and left one blain. I piped the mix into the pans and then used a fork and toothpick to make the pattern. 

The squares were made with yellow Duncan Hines frosting.

For the stones, we used jelly bellys for some. For other colors we didn't have in jelly belly we crushed dum dums. To make the black and gray stones we added black food coloring to the clear dum dums. 

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Thank you for sending the picture of the parsha cake. I like the stones. Good Shabbos.


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