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Friday, February 19, 2010

Terumah Cake

Note: For a non-edible version of this cake go pop up mishkan model made from paper
This cake shows that the mishkan had 3 coverings

The first which was only visible from the inside was called the mishkan. It was woven from purple, turquoise, red & linen threads. Embroidered on it were kruvim - holy images. The mishkan covering covered the sides and back and left 2 amos (cubits) showing on the side.

The second layer was called the ohel made from goat hair. It hung over the sides revealing one amah of the silver krashim. It was made from 11 pieces sewn into 2 big pieces that were joined by copper loops.

The ohel covering hung over the front two amos
The front entrance of the mishkan was covered by the masach which was made like the paroches from purple, turquoise, red and linen thread with an image embroidered into the fabric. It was held up by gold posts.

The back of the ohel covering that draped from behind like a brides dress drapes behind her

The top layer was made from red sheep skin and from an animal called the tachash. The tachash was an animal that was only alive during the time of the construction of the mishkan. It had a single horn and a luminescent skin that was multicolored. There is a machlokes about the top layer.

One opinion is that red sheepskin covered the whole top and then on top of the red was the skin of the tachash.

Top view of the mishkan according to the opinion of R. Yehudah

The other opinion is that the top layer was half tachash and half red sheep skin.

Top view of the mishkan according to the opinion of R. Nehemiah in Gemara Shabbos 28

side view of ohel with one amah of krashim showing

back view with the ohel covering draping

front view of second opinon with ohel overhanging the front by 2 amos.

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